Dust The Cobwebs Off Your Data

Leila Vakili Blog topics, DatabaseUSA Services

Like your house, your data and customer database need ‘spring cleaning’ from time to time. Some of the biggest problems we run into when performing hygiene services on client’s files is duplicates, not running your file through NCOA database frequently enough, and the need for address standardization.

Email List Cleansing & Hygiene

Email list hygiene is the process of removing bad email accounts from your email files. Email list hygiene is essential in order to maintain high deliverability rates and a positive reputation. When discussing email list cleansing & hygiene, it is important to understand hard and soft bounces. When an email …

Data Cleansing Services

DatabaseUSA.com® Data Hygiene services give you a clean list. Understanding Data Hygiene & the importance of removing bad list data from your customer files is essential in order to maintain your brand’s reputation. DatabaseUSA.com® Email Hygiene processes first remove mal-formed addresses, and then verify the email address exists by “pinging” …