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Make informed decisions based on historical data with predictive modeling, machine learning and customer cloning.

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Have you ever wondered who your best customers are? Just think if you had detailed information about what pockets of the population are under-served in your industry and what customers had the most money to spend. Wouldn’t that make your decision making a little easier?

That is the type of information that can be extracted from® Business and Consumer data sets. In addition to triple verifying our business data, we gather in-depth firmographics in our database. We have lifestyle characteristics, income and household data on our consumer file. No one can match the quality or depth of® files.

Here are some of the industries that® serves with this type of information:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Analytics
  • Risk Management
  • Vendor Spend Analysis


    Believe it or not, most Marketers do not know their own “Sweet Spot” when it comes to maximizing their targeted marketing efforts. In addition, even the most obvious trend still does not reveal all of the true pockets of opportunity that exist.® can help.

    We have perfected a very accurate and efficient Customer Acquisition/Cloning model that will show you a more effective prospecting strategy, plus, it will increase response rates while decreasing marketing costs.

    What is a Customer Acquisition / Cloning Model?

    Simply put – We match your customers to our proprietary database(s). Using over 30 different demographic and geographic elements, we then take these matched records and perform a statistical analysis that result in 10 hierarchical rankings or “buckets”. These “buckets” can then be used to increase the ROI of your marketing – you mail less and make more!

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